God’s Creative Genius

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This is Yosemite National Park – do you imagine it just happened by chance and so-called ‘dumb luck,’ or do you recognize that it was designed and created, designed and created by the sole creative genius of all eternity?

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KJV? Why use the King James Version?

Why do you use the King James Version, don’t you want people to be able to understand you, or to even bother listening to your messages?

The King James Version is the best, the most anointed, the most accurate, and thus the truest version of the English language Holy Bible that there is on earth, contrary to what various ‘illustrious’ theologians… would have us believe.

Is the KJV inerrant and infallible? No, contrary to what many others would have us believe. But it is the best that there is, it is nearer the truth than any other English language Holy Bible.

Message Content

The messages are very Holy Bible text intensive, and are long. If you are looking for entertainment, for secular poetry, vain philosophy, empty religion, ribald humor, and endless ear-tickling, you will have to look elsewhere. The messages are only as ‘explicit’ as the KJV is.

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Program Frequency

After a very long hiatus due to prolonged health issues I am resuming recording and providing messages, though whether my voice will cooperate with this intention remains to be determined. However, before resuming recording programs, I have been occupied restoring all of my previously recorded programs, the necessity for this is due to all of my websites having been wiped out. I have only now finished reconstructing them from scratch. And even though individual programs display the actual dates they were recorded and published, unfortunately I have yet to successfully troubleshoot the issue of getting the archive headers, months & years, to accurately align with the programs. Thank you for your patience.

Again, do you imagine this just happened, or do you recognize it was designed and created?